When contacting MrColumbia
Please follow these guidelines:

For bicycle identification provide the following information;

Your name and brief description of bike.

Serial number including any letters that may precede the number. On pre-1950’s bikes the number can be found on the frame under the crank. On 1950’s and newer it will be on the frame near the rear axle. On bikes older than 1925 the model number will be stamped or embossed on the name badge. This is needed for exact identification.

What type of information you are looking for.


Pictures. Without pictures it is difficult to do a correct identification and often is impossible.

Giving a description is simply not enough. There are too many similarities in the thousands of different models of Columbia bikes to do a proper identification without pictures.

If these guidelines are not followed I may not get back to you. Due to the volume of requests I do not have the time to reiterate the above for every email I receive.

I understand that often information is desired to help in selling a bicycle. If that is your reason please be respectful and let me know that up front. If I spend my time doing research and communicating with you about your prized bicycle you inherited from your uncle or something like that and then see it for sale on eBay days later I feel used. Even worse if I see the text of my communication in the auction description of the bike. If this happens to me many more times I will stop offering free identification all together.

If you are a professional eBay seller or antique dealer looking for information to sell a bicycle I now offer a professional bicycle identification service for a fee. The service will include a one page form outlining the bicycles' original factory specifications, a high resolution catalog scan of the bike and an appraisal. The fee is $65 paid in advance and will be refunded if I feel that after doing some research that I cannot provide adequate information about your bike. If I do not have high resolution scans available the price will be $35 and the balance will be refunded. The fees will be paid via PayPal. To take advantage of this service submit your bicycle pictures and info for evaluation. I will then let you know if I can provide the service and give payment instructions. Please be aware that there is an almost infinite amount of variations to Westfield Built Bicycles. I will provide information on the closest catalog model to your bike that there is but there may be some variations.

For ordering stickers or decals;

Provide lot # and brief description of which stickers/decals you are interested in.

I will get back to you with availability, pricing and payment information.

For ordering research material;

Provide titles desired.

I will get back to you with total price and payment information.

For ordering anything off of the “For Sale” page;

State items and quantity desired.

I will get back to you with payment information.

To submit pictures of your bike for the “Readers Bikes” pages;

Please provide your name and description of the bike including any information you would like displayed with the pictures.

The serial number of the bike.

Pictures in jpg. Format of a decent resolution. Low resolution cell phone pictures do not show up well on the internet and I do not use them on my site.

I will notify you when/if published.

To contact MrColumbia for any of the above please click on this link.

If for some reason this link does not work for you email me at MrColumbiaman@yahoo.com

Some further notes on contacting MrColumbia for any reason;

I do not give out my phone number so please do not ask.

Please do not try instant messaging me through Yahoo or any other way, I only respond to emails.

Please do not post identification requests or requests of any kind for that matter on my Guest Book. That is just for comments. Again, I only respond to emails. Simply follow the above guidelines for each subject and I will get back to you.

Please do not send requests for me to be a part of any social media of any kind. I do not participate on any of them. Please do not be offended if I decline your offer, I simply do not Faceb##k, Twi##er or anything like that. I do participate on the CABE forum from time to time and welcome other CABERS to email me.

Include a brief and relevant subject in the subject line. If not, your email likey will be sent to my spam folder and may be deleted.

Do not use texting shorthand or any other kind of electronic/internet slang. Use proper english and complete sentences. It took me years to figure out what LOL meant. I'm getting too old to learn a new language.

Follow the above guidelines and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for visiting MrColumbia