Hello, my name is Kenneth Kowal. Some of you may know me from attending many of the various bicycle shows in the northeast. More than likely you knew my father Jack Kowal who was the un-official historian for the Columbia factory and took many interested people on tours through the plant and museum in Westfield. Over the years Jack Kowal became known as MrColumbia in the bicycle community. 
 Having worked on and off at Columbia since 1946, Jack had collected volumes of information in the form of catalogs, ads and sales flyers. He also had access to the "Columbia Vaults" and was able to do valuable research on the history of the company. Thankfully he wrote most of this information down.
 In 1979 I went to work at the Columbia factory in Westfield Mass. The next year my father went back to work there as well. This was the start of a hobby that we would share for nearly 30 years.
 It is my goal to share the research, pictures and other bits of Columbia history with the bicycle community and continue the MrColumbia legacy.


Here I am a "few" years ago with my first Whizzer

My Goals
  • *To increase interest in the hobby of old bicycle's.
  • *Provide research information on bicycles made by the Pope Mfg. Co. starting in Hartford Ct. up to present day in Westfield Mass.

 Dealer catalogs and magazine advertisements are an excellent source of information to aid in the identifying of old bikes. They are also invaluable to completing a restoration. I am now offering reproduction catalogs on disc that can be opened with any computer. Please click below to browse the selection.

Research Material and Catalog List

A more recent photo


The original MrColumbia with his 1946 Model H Whizzer. Jack Kowal traveled all over the eastern U.S. showing this Whizzer that was on a restored 1952 Columbia bike. See full story on the Whizzer page of this site.

TheOriginalMrColumbia/DadtestdrivingColumbia5StarWhizzerBike.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/Rhinebeck3.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/Hershey1989.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/JackPoliJackKowalLarryBatesatHersheyCarMeet.jpg
TheOriginalMrColumbia/Hershey89Dad.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/FredHirschanddad.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/DadandWhizzerHershey93.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/DadandWhizzerHershey89.jpg
TheOriginalMrColumbia/DadandFredHersch.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/Brookfield1990DadonChromeFenderSimplex.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/WhizzerandDadHershey93.jpg TheOriginalMrColumbia/TomHealyJackKowalHershey93.jpg