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Welcome to the Mr.Columbia web site!


 My goal for this site is to create a central source of information about the company that made the famous Columbia bicycle. Being the first bicycle company in America and also the longest active bicycle manufacturer in America the impact of this company is too large to ignore. Bicycles made by any of the incarnations of this company whether it be The Pope Mfg. Co., The Westfield Mfg. Co. or Columbia Mfg. have infiltrated every aspect of life in the U.S.A. and beyond. Any information I am able to acquire about the history of the company or specific model information I plan on including on this site for all interested to use and enjoy.

 I hope that you will both benefit from the collected knowledge contained within and if possible contribute to it.

 I look forward to hearing any feedback.


In front of the main office in Westfield

Workers in the Westfield factory

Bicycle Trade Show Westfield Mass Armory 1950
Harold F. Mashin showing the new Columbia 5-Star

On this site you find pictures of my personal collection. I have included photos of the Columbia factory in Westfield Mass and images of other interesting items related to bicycling history.


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Since January 2009

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